An Epic and Eerie Halloween Experience in Houston


When it comes to October 31st, you expect three things: more candy than you can dare to eat in one day, costumes of characters and objects galore, and, of course, thrills and chills around every corner. Our luxury apartments at Alexan CityCentre put you close to all the best Houston Halloween events, ranging from family-friendly and gentle to terrifying and intense, with several options in between for any group.

The Houston Scream Fest is one of Houston’s largest Halloween attractions, hosting an impressive seven haunted houses and several other fun activities to cheer and scream about. It’s open for every weekend in October all the way until November 3rd, on October 30th, and on Halloween night, so you have plenty of opportunities to attend. Each of the seven haunted houses has its own unique and horrifying premise: a deranged sanitarium, an abyss of nightmares, an immersion into Latin American myth and horror, a spooky graveyard, a maze where a crazed chainsaw killer chases you through the labyrinth, a zombie hunt, and a paintball arena where anything can fire back. There are also plenty of fun carnival-style attractions to enjoy, as well as food and treats, and every beverage – including alcohol for adults 21+ – is free upon admission. Best of all, the experience is tailored to age, so younger children can attend without feeling too intimidated by the actors and props.

Enjoy all the best that Halloween can offer here at Alexan CityCentre. Explore our luxury apartments in Houston along with the Houston Scream Fest this October…if you dare!

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