Bellagreen in Houston

Bellagreen in Houston

Luxury doesn’t have to end at your doorway. Indulge yourself in the unique neighborhood surrounding the Alexan CityCentre. Pique your tastes and your sense of adventure when you spend the day out and about. A new favorite restaurant may be just around the corner. Your best stories need to be told at the hot hangout you have wanted to try. Your new luxury apartment has plenty to offer when you are at home. Delight yourself with luxury apartment features as helpful as they are beautiful. Choose the right floor plan and layout to live the life you have always wanted. A perfect suite of community amenities create opportunities for socializing with your new friends and neighbors. You will always find plenty to discover and share. With the weather warming, it is time to make your plans for outdoor gatherings. Your new community helps you make the most of long weekends.

Bellagreen – Where Flavor Takes Flight

Find incredible flavor in a unique American Bistro with Bellagreen in Houston. In their own words “bellagreen is an American Bistro offering a variety of freshly prepared soups, salads, pizzas, entrees, and desserts. At bellagreen we know that being understood is a beautiful thing and we care deeply about what you need, so we work every day to prepare items the way YOU need them. Because every item is made from scratch in our kitchen, we can modify items to align with Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegetarian, Keto, paleo, Whole 30 and other dietary needs or preferences… We focus on reducing our ecological footprint because we care about the future. Our City Centre location was one of the first Certified Green Restaurants, and we still hold true to those values today. That’s why all of our locations are, at minimum, 3-Star Certified Green. Restaurants should support & better their communities…”

Discover Bellagreen in Houston for something extra tasty. Enjoy this and many more local favorites when you live at the Alexan CityCentre in Houston Texas.

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