The Tasting Room in Houston Texas

Part of your luxury lifestyle experience should extend beyond your front door. When you live at the amazing Alexan CityCentre luxury apartment homes in Houston Texas, you can enjoy premiere luxury apartment and community amenities. Each feature is dedicated to your personal comfort and enjoyment. Choose from multiple spacious layouts and floor plans so you have the perfect space to launch your new lifestyle. Whenever you choose a night on the town, you will have plenty of entertainment and restaurant options to choose from. The rule of location, location, location is still a key factor for living a true luxury lifestyle.

There is no better place to indulge your taste for new wines that at The Tasting Room. In their own words “The Tasting Room is a comfortable place to get...

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kid friendly energy corridor apartments

Kid-Friendly Fun near our Energy Corridor Apartments

Looking for ways to get the kids out of your Energy Corridor apartments this summer? If you don’t want to take them down to the pool for the hundredth time, you can bring them to one of the kid-friendly places on...

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Luxury West Houston Apartments

Getting everything you want out of the luxury lifestyle you crave means having your home match your desires. When you choose to live at the Alexan CityCentre you quickly discover everything a luxury apartment home in Houston Texas could be. Indulge yourself and your friends in perfect luxury apartment and community amenities that are perfect for sharing. Delight in the wonderful layouts...

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Festival Previews with your Energy Corridor Apartments

Your favorite community of Energy Corridor apartments is back with another informative blog post, and this one is all about the fantastic festivals that we’re looking forward to this summer! Houston gets a lot of...

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2 bedroom citycentre apartments

Repose and Recreation at Our Two-Bedroom Apartments in Houston

Some people believe that fun and relaxation exist in two different planes, that rest equates to simply lying in bed whenever you’re ill or that fun spends a lot of energy. However, you can have both repose and...

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