Your Energy Corridor Apartments Talk Healthy Living


Living healthy is easy when you live in our community of Energy Corridor Apartments. All you have to do is take the simple steps outlined in the blog below! We’ve put together a list of 3 ways that you can improve your overall health and happiness.


Check out this week’s post, and be sure to share it with all your friends and neighbors at your Energy Corridor apartments.


Tip #1: Experiment with different workout times until you find the right one


Everyone has their energy peak at different times of the day. For some people, the best time to workout is early in the morning, before work. This allows them to get it out of the way and enjoy their free time after getting home from the office. For...

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Brennan’s Cajun Restaurant around the corner from your Alexan CityCentre Home

Everyone loves a good reward, a pat on the back, a golden sticker, a present for all the efforts you put into life – whether it’s managing to keep your home together, doing an impressive amount of work for your...

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We love you, Astros!

Alexan City Centre is proud of Houston’s World Series champs

If you were anywhere near Alexan City Centre Wednesday night, you probably heard all the cheering. We can’t believe it ourselves! The Houston Astros are World Series Champs and George Springer is the MVP, just like Sports Illustrated predicted back in 2014. After the year our beloved city has...

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thanksgiving West Houston apartments

Thanksgiving Recipes from your West Houston Apartments


Find out which recipes will be all the rage this year by reading the latest blog from your community of apartments in West Houston. Below, we describe four recipes that are sure to wow your...

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Kitchen Amenities: Chef’s Special at Alexan City Centre

It’s hard to believe but 2017 is almost over. With just two months left until New Year’s Eve, it’s time to start thinking about some resolutions for 2018. How about eating better in the New Year? The beautiful...

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