luxury apartment amenities

Gorgeous Luxury Apartment Amenities in Houston

When searching for a new apartment, whether your first or merely your first foray into luxury living, it’s critical to examine each and every factor, especially situationally. If you’re looking for a place to share with a roommate, a floor plan is worth looking into, as you’ll need a layout that properly accommodates both of you with ease. If work brought you into the area, then it’s all about location, location, location, as you’ll be after a place that gives you the proximity you need to work, and the closeness you want to things you enjoy doing. With both of those examined, comfort is the next factor to look at, which comes through with luxury apartment amenities and community amenities, which give you comfort within the home, as well as comfort outside the home with...

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Shopping Grandeur in Houston Texas

It’s an admirable trait to be conservative of your funds, to save up most of the earnings of your work for the future – such as kids, retirement, emergency funds, or investments, and to avoid throwing away cash on fleeting pleasures. However, sometimes at the end of the day, you deserve to treat yourself to something nice: a new outfit, a shiny electronic, or a comfortable pair of...

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two-bedroom Houston apartment

B1: Two-Bedroom Houston Apartment Bliss

Sometimes having a roommate makes all the difference in renting a home. You have someone to depend on for their personal share of the errands and rent, and the two of you can keep each other company even during the busiest of days in the office. Our luxury two-bedroom Houston apartment floor plans at Alexan CityCentre are perfect for sharing, whether you intend to bring a friend, a co-worker,...

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taste of texas restaurant near alexan citycentre

Taste of Texas Restaurant Near Alexan CityCentre

Upgrade your life with a great change of address. Find more than a luxury lifestyle at the Alexan CityCentre in Houston Texas. These luxury apartment homes are more than just a pretty face. Fill your life with luxury...

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west houston luxury apartment community amenities

Luxury Apartment Homes in West Houston

True luxury is timeless, effortless and indulgent. Launch your new life at the Alexan CityCentre luxury apartment homes in Houston Texas. Wrap yourself in apartment features that nourish personal comfort. Find layouts and floor plans that embrace your lifestyle. Boldly host your next party – you have the space everyone loves. Don’t be surprised if you become the new go-to hot spot....

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