Modern Marvelous Apartments in West Houston

Perhaps the best thing in this modern age is how technology – and the way we make it – continues to improve upon itself. New inventions are created every day to help lessen the daily stresses we encounter, and machines that have been around since the dawn of industry run far more efficiently and with the least impact on the environment. Here at Alexan CityCentre, all our beautiful luxury apartments in West Houston capture that same modern innovation and comfort through their amenities, ensuring that any and every resident can feel right at home.

For starters, every luxury apartment includes a sleek contemporary style kitchen, fit for professional chefs, newbies at the oven, and every skill level in between. They feature smooth granite, quartz, or marble countertops,...

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Versatile One-Bedroom Apartments in West Houston

Some extra space in a room or a home can mean all the difference; it means you can fit in all those family photos you cherish in one hallway, that you can complete all your morning stretches without any of your limbs...

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outdoors apartments in west houston

Outdoor Activities near our Apartments in West Houston

How do you celebrate the spring after being cooped up during the winter? The staff at your apartments in West Houston has a few recommendations that you can use to get out and explore the Houston outdoors.  It might...

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The Red Lion in Houston

Enjoying your luxury lifestyle means more than surrounding yourself with all the comforts you can ever imagine in a city more beautiful than ever before. But you can find this and more when you choose to live at the Alexan CityCentre luxury apartment homes in Houston Texas. Treat yourself and your friends to the luxury apartment and community amenities that are sure to delight. Choose the...

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West Houston Luxury Apartment Community

Imagine indulging yourself in the lifestyle you have always dreamed of. Now imagine the joy you will experience when you find the perfect West Houston luxury apartment community to live your new lifestyle. You will find all this and more when you choose to live in the Alexan CityCentre luxury apartment homes in Houston Texas. You will find plenty to love and share with friends in your new...

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