Brennan’s Cajun Restaurant around the corner from your Alexan CityCentre Home

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Everyone loves a good reward, a pat on the back, a golden sticker, a present for all the efforts you put into life – whether it’s managing to keep your home together, doing an impressive amount of work for your office or field job, or for an act of kindness that positively affected another’s day without expecting some compensation in return. There’s plenty of opportunities to reward yourself here at Alexan CityCentre, ranging from exploring downtown Houston, shopping for improvements to your home and lifestyle, or trying out the high-class Brennan’s Cajun Restaurant.

For example, right at the heart of downtown Houston stands the high-class Brennan’s Cajun  restaurant perfect for any special occasion; it’s located only fourteen miles away from our luxury apartments. Winning several accolades in the past few years and standing at #11 at the top restaurants list in TripAdvisor this year, it’s a great stop for giving yourself some peace of mind and an explosion of flavor to your palette. Start your supper right with great appetizers like freshly shucked gulf oysters, iced seafood platters, and fried green tomato ravigote; move on to the decadent main course with picks like Hunter’s honey roasted duck, red fish almondine, or Harris Ranch filet mignon, or enjoy vegetarian plates like covey rise tomato soup; finally, save some room for indulgent desserts like Mississippi mud pie, Bayou City petite beignets, and Creole cream cheesecake. There’s even a special dining reservation available for Thanksgiving Day, so you can enjoy fantastic Cajun cooking in thanks for all the special ones in your life.

Enjoy the best rewards in life right here at Alexan CityCentre. Check out our amazing luxury apartments near Houston today, and then make a reservation for Brennan’s Cajun restaurant on your next free weekend or holiday.

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