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"overall a pleasant community. However, the major downside is that things like the elevators are constantly broken or out of service, there is always a lot of trash laying around, especially in the parking garage, and cars are regularly damaged or even stolen"
"I am glad I found the Alexan at city Centre. I love the location and fair pricing; these were the reasons I decided to lease from here. I am happy with staffing as well. Thank you."
"Good neighbors, amenity area bonding. Love the events organized by the management like the food trucks events. Walking next door to city center restaurants and bars is great!"
"Love my unit and my neighbors. Love the area and the community. Can’t wait for summer time to come again, so I can sit poolside and enjoy the outdoors."
"six months in, so far everything is good. The pets in the neighborhood to me is sometimes a problem. I can hear dog barking from the neighbors and there is litter in the public hallway from time to time"
"I have really enjoyed living at The Alexan. The staff and others residents have been nothing but kind. The building is well kept and clean. Also, it features great amenities that don’t get overly crowded."
"Overall, my experience has been great! There have been a couple of robberies and incidents, but management has been able to openly communicate these happenings with the residents. Great shopping. Great views."
"For the most part, everything is great here! Only complaint is that the noise near the highway - it's not something that goes on 24/7, but when a car decides to speed up, it's VERY audible, even in the middle of the night. Elevators and gates need fixing up fairly often, and it seems to take a while for parts to fix them to come in. Otherwise, the staff, floor plans, and cleanliness are really fantastic here! Location is great as well, as it's just a walk down from City Centre."
"All seem polite and respectable. Very diverse group of tenants rangin from families to single adults. Mostly seem professional vs students that live here"
"Overall great apartment experience, apart from being a very convenient and safe location. Would definitely recommend living here as you will not regret it. Everyone is so nice and apartment complex is huge and very clean."
"The apartment complex is great and nice looking but management doesn’t really exist. We have been living here for one year, 3 months into our rental there was a leak from kitchen pipe and we’ve put the request to fix it but it has been 9 months and they have not fixed. A portion of our floors is messed up we don’t know if mold is under from the water being under our floors. We have voiced our concern six-time with maintenance coming and letting us know that they will fix it in 2 weeks or any other excuse. Not the only issue we have had with getting thins fixed. I don’t want to give it one star because the place is great with many awesome amenities but the new management is completed let down."
"I love living at the alexan city centre the community is always clean the amenities are awesome the pool is gorgeous. Everyone that lives at the community are super friendly with each other. I love the layout of my apartment. The management is super helpful they are always there for your when you need help."
"The biggest problems we had revolved around the noise from I10. I think the new building across the street has amplified it a bit. We also had nothing but issues with the electric car charging stations. The rules around these need to actually be enforced."
"Living at the Alexan Citycentre has been a pleasure since I moved here. You have access to the convenient amenity and enjoying the Citycentre area."
"Great amenities/location! Staff is fantastic and very friendly when dealing with customers. Would highly recommend anyone to consider moving here"
"My experience has been amazing so far! Lindsey Allen made the leasing process so easy. My apartment unit is beautiful and spacious and the complex itself is so luxurious, clean, and within walking distance from CityCentre. Excited to start using all the amazing amenities this place has to offer!"
"I love living here, such a great community! In a great area! Everything is so convenient. Shopping mall, restaurants, grocery stores all within 5 minutes"
"Great experience! Location is wonderful and you have access to CityCentre, which is a huge perk! The staff is extremely friendly and the resident community is great!"
"We love living at the Alexan in City Centre! This location is great for dining and experience as most things are in walking distance. You are also close to other local restaurants in the Memorial City area!"
"Our appointment is by the trash bin. Which I didn't pay attention to when we got our lease. But there's nets fly in an hour apartment on a regular basis"
"1yr leaving here an I’m glade I choose the Alexan CityCentre location!!! Perfect for walking to my favorite restaurant, and the most best part of living here is the fireworks July 4th"
"It’s been a great experience living here so far everything is going great I haven’t had any problems I would definitely recommend friends to alexan"
"Everything at the Alexan CityCentre is so great! the facilities are always clean, the neighbors and staff are always so nice. Only complaint would be that the gates and elevators seem to have to undergo construction a fair amount, so that can be a bit of an inconvenience sometimes. But when everything IS up and running, living here is amazing!"
"I love living at Alexan! It’s only been a few days but it already feels like home. The staff has been amazing and has helped with all my issues thus far. Even the other residents have been welcoming!"
"Everything is so perfect here - with the disclaimer that it's that way when everything works. I've totally loved living at the Alexan, my only complaint would be that the elevators and gates seem to go through maintenance really frequently, which can be quite inconvenient at times. Otherwise, everything is really great! :D"
"Haven’t been here too long. The pool area is nice with shade and lots of chairs. The gym is great with a good range of equipment to use. Lots of pests."
"We just moved in for about a month, definitely love the amenities here and the customer service from the leasing agents is amazing as well! However, a certain neighbor is a bit suspicious as they continuously stare at our unit but we have camera so."
"I’ve been here since November 2020. It’s been great! The facility is super clean, modern, and friendly. I feel safe and the location is perfect."
"Awesome living experience! Friendly staff and neighbors. Amazing amenities and beautiful complex. Perfect location that is very convenient and close to the city."
"The Alexan City Centre is a beautiful apartment with great amenities and a wonderful staff. We have always had any maintenance issues taken care of within hours of submitting our requests, and the staff has always been so nice. I also appreciate how clean the complex is kept, both inside and outside."
"So far so good. Chastyni has been absolutely amazing. Professional and super helpful. The complex is clean and updates are sent to let everyone know what’s going on. Keep it up"
"Great neighborhood and friendly residents here at Alexan CityCentre. I move from uptown and feel this is a better place than the Galleria area."
"Moving in has been a great experience, polite and respectful staff and neighbors. Clean and well kept facilities and wonderful views. I would not change anything!"
"We love living here and being so close to the shops and restaurants. Being able to do happy hour and brunch when we want is fantastic. The facilities are always clean and well kept"
"Previously was a great community to live in and an excellent location. But now the fire alarm consistently is going off for no apparent reason and is greatly disruptive. The elevators are frequently out of service. The concierge Daniel and Yessica in the maintenance department are excellent and have assisted in making the experience a little better."
"I like it. maintaining is good and everywhere is clean and shiny .front desk very kind and helpful and concerns is just about garage doors that I think residents or non residents can have access for coming in or out"
"Love the location and ease of moving in. The apartment smelled clean and nice. Love the decoarion and amenities of the Alexan. The staff was super friendly and helpful."
"I have been here four weeks and love it. I downsized from a large home and worried about a smaller space but I have everything I need with high end finishes in the apartment. Location is perfect to walk everywhere and feel safe."
"We haven't been here too long, but so far, everything has been really great. All the staff are always so polite and inviting, and the move in went very smoothly."
"Just getting started at the Alexan CityCentre. Looking forward to a good four (4) months, and a potential extension beyond the four months."
"I love living at the alexan it’s super clean and the community is beautiful. I like how they are being cautious and still keeping Covid guidelines."
"Only been living at the Alexan 2 days, but everything has been fantastic so far. Front desk and concierge have been ridiculously helpful, and the complex is very well kept. Only issues that I've really come across is that the water pressure is a bit low in the shower, which I intend to see if I can have adjusted, and that the surrounding area is just a hair noisier than I'd like due to the near by construction and highway. The cars typically aren't actually too loud on the highway, just the occasional speed racer. But everything else has been so smooth, clean, efficient, and fantastic!"
"Overall love living here and the area. Just a suggestion, anytime any amenities or issues like non working elevators should be communicated to the residents asap, along with a follow up when they are working again."
"Love the building. Smiling staff and the concierge is one of the best! The maintenance is out of this world, and I’m glade I choose this location."
"i love to live in alexan, is a realy premium experience. the best place that i live ever. and the location is realy good. close to the west, close to dt, and dont have to drive to go city centre restaurants."
"Apartment complex is beautiful, amenities and location not only convenient but great. Staff and fellow Alexan residents are super friendly and welcoming."
"Great location but okay place to live. The elevators always have issues. Security is lacking since our motorcycle was stolen 2 weeks after moving in and the staff never informed residents. Then last week we got an email about two cars getting broken into. Once again, lack of communication for the residents since they didn’t send an email for motorcyclist to be aware when it happened to us. There is no community fun or events since I moved in. Even tho we’ve had a crazy year my last apartment had a great community team keeping the complex fun. Also, when you send emails To the info@ you may or may not get a response. My 3 stars are for the great location and my unit is nice. The windows do have really bad condensation and have already bubbled the wood around them but other then that great apartment unit."
"Great place to live just wish the residents took care of property as well. Amenities are amazing and the location is excellent. People are friendly and great front office staff!"
"Really easy and seamless move in. The front desk staff was so incredibly helpful throughout the whole process. They answered all my phone calls and assisted me diligently and kind"
"This place is great, the staff is amazing, super nice amenities and apartments very clean. Great Gym and pool - pet friendly , safe garage. very happy to be living here."
"Excellent staff and community. Love my apartment! CityCentre has everything conveniently located. Everything from bubble tea to healthy meals right around the corner."
"All I can say is: We love Alexan. It is the best place, with the best amenities, location and nice neighborhoods. It is a great experience living here."
"Such a wonderful place to live in. Very peaceful and neat environment with great and friendly management. This is a perfect place to live in Houston."
"The complex is well-kept and the staff is friendly. On top of that, the amenities and location are tough to beat. I really enjoy being walking distance to great restaurants and shops."
"We moved in August and so far it has been great living here. The apartment is beautiful and all the people we have met here are friendly. It has now been a few months and it still feels like living in a nice hotel."
"For apartment living and comfort Alexan is where you want to live. The administrators are accommodating. The maintenance staff is quick to respond. The location is close to everything you might want. You will love what you see in apartment living. The one thing I couldn't imagine is traffic noise in the night, but I can handle it."
"Love the community's amenities and the safe environment. The staff has been helpful - from the leasing process to handling anything and everything as a resident."
"Love my apartment so much and the staff has been so pleasant and helpful. The only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is due to my neighbors incredibly loud music playing till midnight every night and the daily smell of weed in the hallway."
"Living here has been amazing. We have lived in 4 different apartment complexes all owned by different companies, and this has been the only place where we renewed our lease."
"At first glance i fell in love with the property. After being toured and seeing it in person i was immediately sold. paulyssa was are leasing agent, she was absolutely amazing!!!"
"It’s a good location! Good customer service! The only thing that they have to improve is try to clean more the elevator and aisle! I love to life here!"
"Have enjoyed living here for the past 3 years. Excellent amenities and location. Package concierge and concierge service are really nice additions"
"Love living here! Amazing staff and neighbors. I really enjoy the location where I can walk to City Centre, the amenities are great. Property is clean"
"We fell in love with the property as soon as we walker in, Love the apartment layouts. Lisa helped us with our application process, Definitely recommend"
"Janelle really did a good job moving me in. I liked that they had a cart I could use. The unit was cleaned and ready to go and looks gorgeous!"
"Thanks to Chris, Stacy, and Janelle my move from CA to Houston and to my apartment at ALEXAN CITY CENTER went very smoothly. Y’all are the best. THANK YOU"
"My stay here at Alexan has just started but I have nothing but good things to say about this place. Amenities are great and the complex is very pretty, clean and a very convenient location."
"My experience have been great since I am new here actually i am in love with amenities and all the organizations and I also like the business office People who they help a lot"
"Very nice apartments! Great amenities, and great location. I love my view! The pool and grills are a plus and you can walk to many restaurants and do some shopping. Also it is a safe place to run/walk around anytime."
"This is one of the nicest apartments I've lived in. The apartment is clean, quiet and parking is never a hassle. I also find the location to be in a great spot"
"Been here 3 weeks and so far it’s been good. I’m having to give 4 stars because my gfs motorcycle was stolen yesterday from the parking garage, B2 level, and that’s concerning for safety reasons. None the less overall, the Staff has been helpful and neighbors are cool. I’m excited about my lease here and hopefully enjoy my first year here."
"The staff is very friendly and courteous. The maintenance crew completes the task in a timely manner. Have not had a bad experience here yet."
"The management is amazing such a friendly staff. The building is absolutely gorgeous they always maintain it clean. I’m in love with our new place."
"Great location and amenities. Friendly staff. It is a short walk to Life time fitness and many restaurants. There is ample parking but you will likely have to park beneath the ground since half the spots above are reserved which costs extra."
"This is a great place to live all of the staff are very friendly and nice. Also a great environment for young professionals or for people that like to be active on a daily basis. Love this complex and my neighbors in it so far."
"Just ok experience so far. Slow response to maintenance tickets regarding pest control. First month here and first impression good. Check back in a couple months."
"It’s been great living at this community. The common areas are well kept and the leasing staff is friendly. All my concerns have been addressed in a professional and timely manner."
"The apartment is great now as far as the service requests there’s quite a lot of work improvement it can be done. I hope you guys will look into working on this in the future. As well as I personally do not like to receive papers at my door from small businesses. Leave it on the mail box if anything."
"We moved in at the in August and so far it has been great living here. The apartment is beautiful and all the people we have met here are friendly."
"Location is an obvious choice for living here and the fitness center is the best of any apartment I have seen. Only negatives here are the road noise from the two major roadways intersecting and the water pressure being low."
"I moved into Alexan in July 2020 and I love it! They have been very helpful and the staff is very friendly. Every work order is completed ASAP. There’s not much to complain about. The only reason I gave it a 4.5 instead of 5 stars was because our move in day was kinda rough and the carpet wasn’t installed. We went out for lunch and when we came back it was put in and vacuumed. There is construction but honestly it helps you wake up by 8 am so it does not bother me or my roommates. You can sleep over the noise though. The walls are not thin. There is always parking available. We got fiber internet with AT&T and we had issues installing that, allowing us only to use the router as the source for 2 Ethernet cords. The other 10 Ethernet ports in the apartment do not have internet connection. All in all it’s a solid living space!"
"I just moved into the Alexan and so far everything has been great. The staff has been helpful with questions I've had. I use the gym almost everyday where I see cleaning staff in there keeping it clean and it's never too crowded. The apartment itself is clean and I have no complaints. Although I am near the freeway and can hear it, it never causes me trouble. I would recommend Alexan CityCentre to a friend."
"Could be cleaner, but it’s very safe for me and my children. It’s fairly quiet and each interior unit is gorgeous. The pool looks like a picture out of a resort magazine."
"Its been so far so good. I can't imagine how great it would be not to be in a Pandemic. Some of the security measures could be heightened. I love my apartment and Janelle has been a blessing."
"the location is the biggest factor, close to a lot of dinning, shopping, and social destinations(when available). staff is friendly and very efficient when dealing with maintenance issues. good experience over all so far."
"Love living at the Alexan so far! Nice staff, gets everything done quickly and efficiently. Also can’t forget the cool amenities and location. Hallways are always clean and smell nice, parking garage is spacey and clean as well"
"Love the staff super sweet. They are always happy to help. I looked at other properties and non could compare to the CityCentre locations. What made me choose this Alexan was over all the staff"
"Great place to live! The leasing team is awesome. Great Conceirge service too. Enjoy the residents events prior to Covid-19. Staying informed is a plus."
"I enjoy living in an area not too far out from the city . The location is very convenient for work and leisure as well as being near stores that I utilize often."
"Feel comfortable but I think Im ready to move to a bigger apartment or a different layout. nothing against what I have right now but fee a little over crowded"
"Walls and floors are too thin. I can hear my neighbor running/stomping in their unit, and people slam their entrance door, especially during the night and it wakes me up almost every day. Smoking cigarettes is also a big problem, that has not been taken care of since the day of my move-in."
"Awesome experience. Friendly staffs And maintenance crews is super quick to fix items. Ample garage space for the car. Quality interior finishes."
"Excellent property to call home. The layouts for the building are well designed and allow for residents to maximize the space well. Very clean and updated living areas."
"Conveniently located in city centre. Located to a lot of things so driving isn’t horrible. Amenities are nice clean. Staff are great and very helpful. Events are fun and delicious."
"This has been the best apartment complex we have lived in. Despite there being construction next door, the sound hasn't been bad at all. The amenities are great, and maintenance has been quick to fix any issues we have."
"Safe place, professional and friendly staff, awesome amenities and great area! The resident appreciation events are wonderful and the face that I cannot hear my neighbors beside nor above me os amazing!"
"Nice place...good location...close to several things. Previous management was better than current one. Elevators should be cleaned more often."
"Great experience. Close to many restaurants and easy access to the major highways is a huge plus. Anything you need or want is very close by"
"Loved my time here, while the apartment itself isn’t grand it did feel like luxurious with the amenities and fixtures. Will definitely be missing living here!"
"Extremely noisy due to all of the construction next door, restaurants nearby and the general traffic in the area. Parking garage is filled with cars that don't have resident parking stickers displayed. Elevators are out of order too frequently."
"Was happy when I first moved in. After covid, it's hard to get maintenance to fix minor things (like water filter/air filter). Love the location though ."
"Our experience over our first lease was amazing. We are excited to renew. We enjoy all the available amenities and the location! The staff is excellent as well."
"Great experience living here! Staff is great, amenities are great, neighborhood is great. My favorite amenities are the pool and gym. I love being able to walk to local restaurants and shops"
"Great area! Easy access to a lot of different amenities and easy access to restaurants and gym, neighborhood parks, mall, groceries , basically the best spot"
"The hallway near the trash always smells. Trash is left in the hallways. We have had people leave their trash right outside of the trash chute instead of putting it in the trash. There should be a penalty for residents who do this!! The noise from the highway is way too loud. There should be thicker insulated windows. Appliances are cheap as are the shower fixtures, they break a lot."
"The Alexan CityCentre is a beautiful place to live. My apartment is spacious and lovely. The staff is friendly and helpful. The community atmosphere is enjoyable."
"We absolutely love living here! Everything is always so clean, service is top notch, and the location is the best part! It's within walking distance of so many places to shop, eat, and have fun, but it's in such a central spot to everything our city has to offer. We especially love how quiet the community is in terms of respectful neighbors. The workout room and fitness studio are well equipped and maintained, and the pool is beautiful. Truly a higher standard here than many other apartment complexes in Houston."
"Good community, with a staff that addresses issues quickly, transparently, and in a friendly manner. The amenities and location are also great!"
"Excellent community, with incredible location near City Centre. Really enjoy amenities and concierge. Helpful maintenance staff to resolve any issues."
"I really enjoy staying here. Great concierge and leasing team! The upkeep of the community is good. All the amenities are nice especially the pool area."
"Love the convenience of being in City Centre. Apartment is lovely. Layout is open and modern. Amenities such as pool, gym, grills, lounges are always clean"
"I love this community because the environment and atmosphere here is amazing and super convenient to access great dining and entertainment in City Centre"
"Excellent staff, clean, central location to all that one will require. Amazing pool area, plenty of area to bbq & relax for the weekend. Neighbors are very friendly."
"Overall, pleasant experience at the Alexan. The staff is responsive and proactive, and issues are addressed in a timely matter. Some minor inconveniences are when the gate and elevators are out of order, but luckily there are more than one of both."
"Love the amenities! Nice quiet pet friendly community. The staff is so friendly and welcoming and resident events are always fun. Also enjoy the Saturday Bootcamp!"
"Excellent location in an awesome neighborhood! Friendly staff! Fun place to live! Love my apartment and all of the amenities here. Highly recommend!"
"Love the convenience and everyone here! All the amenities are amazing and always clean like I like. The second floor is a cool place to hangout and the grills are nice to have parties."
"The staff here is amazing. The lobby is incredibly decorated. However the halls and elevators are desperately in need of a makeover. The smells in the hallways smell somewhat like mildew. Not sure if it’s from the pets urine or just from old age. However the decor needs to match the lobby a bit."
"Have lived here for a little over six months and I have no complaints! Love the addition of Stockwell and hope more groovy things come to the Alexan."
"The community is well-maintained, has nice staff members, and good amenities. But the parking garage area could be better monitored; I’ve seen too many cars with broken-out windows."
"The location is perfect from great restaurants and my commute is great. The staff is friendly and accommodating. The amenities are great as well."
"Since new Management came aboard, things are much better. Like they said, changes are always better. The communication with management is great!"
"Is a very nice place to live, love the location at city center you can find everything staff is cool and you’re gonna love the sky lounge where you can see all the memorial area."
"I love living at Alexan CityCentre! The staff is always so friendly, the concierge is convenient, and maintenance is on top of things! The amenities are amazing--they have the largest gym I've seen at any apartment building."
"Great Place to Live! Great staff and very Clean! Are is very secure and close to mayor entertainment places around West Houston. Free tea and coffee !"
"Love living at Alexan! They have amazing amenities (great gym, pool, beautiful lobby) and everyone provides great customer services. Parking is never a problem. The property is kept very clean!"
"Great location! Many restaurants and shopping nearby. Nice views and great staff. Many new businesses and buildings being built nearby as well."
"The trash chute is always smelling. I’ve tried several times to get it cleaned/fixed, but it’s not working. Some bugs have started showing up. Please help!"
"Enjoy living at Alexan. Exceptional location with walking distance to city centre. Very reasonably priced. Excellent amenities. Apartment layouts are great and maximize space."
"Great location, great amenities, clean and safe. The proximity of dozens of stores, restaurants and even a movie theater make this a prime location, not to mention easy access tot he interstate."
"Alexan Citycentre provides a good community that is constantly improving. There are various resident events, new vending machines, and increased security."
"Excellent customer service. Friendly attitude. Great community. Convenient location. All staff members have shown the upmost respect and consideration. Thanks"
"Neighbors are constantly smoking cigarettes and marijuana near my unit. I have complained about this issue since the day of my move-in date and absolutely nothing has changed."
"Thankful to live on an apartment complex that is not only safe but within close proximity to many shops and restaurants we love! Couldn’t ask for a better location in Houston!"
"We’ve so happy here. There are a lot of nice pleaces to go to, on a walking distance. Our family is very happy here. We looked in different locations but this was the best by far. Being so close to Cc makes a huge difference."
"24 hours Amenities are excellent. Quiet and nice neighborhood. Well designed floor plans and Interior finishes. Well appointed kitchen and bathroom. Extra spacious closets and parking garage is definitely an extra added bonus."
"Clean amenities. Great concierge. The only disappointment is the lifts seem to be out of service a lot. However, they do get repaired in a timely fashion."
"Love that I don't have to look to hard for a parking space! Love the amenities like the gym, pool, study area, and free coffee each morning!"
"I give this complex a 5 star because they are the best. The only area I believe has room for improvement is the choice of security. Every time we see him, he's just parked up front not doing anything. I've never seen him in the garage, where he is supposed to be monitoring. The parking spaces in front of the complex are an ongoing issue. I have witnessed people park there and head straight to Studio Movie Grill and they know they can get away with it. It ruins it for us residents who truly just need to run in and out. Stronger security and enforcement of community rules will help strengthen this complex. Other than security and parking, the staff is doing an amazing job."
"Location is amazing, amenities are good. Everything is great except the hallways smell 😭 5th floor smells disgusting. Can we do something about this please?"
"Place is an amazing community. This is a true living community within city center. No complaints. Only thing that really bothers me is the smell in the hallways at nights on the 5th floor"
"APT building is new and looks luxury. Mail package service is really good. CityCentre surrounding area is very good, and I like designated parking spot although it is a little extra."
"The finishes are awesome here. The staff is friendly and this place has great amenities. The best part is that it is walking distance to City Centre and 10 minutes from work."
"In general Alexan is a great place to live. However, there has been incidents that I observed such as teenagers drinking & vaping in sky lounge, TV channels are not working, hallway that was dirty and stain, common hallway restrooms were dirty and messy in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 7th floors. Though it does not happen everyday but I noticed te above issues 1-2x a weeks"
"Too early to rate our community yet. My move date was Thursday during the flood so it was extremely frustrating . I thought I had been told that you guys would accept deliveries for me in my absence but when RoomstoGo showed up no one could help them I and I could get across I10. Called and left VM on your Community Line but no one has yet to return my call. Maybe everyone went home because of the storm."
"After a year now at the Alexan CityCentre, I Continue to be Impressed at the way the staff continue to search for ways to better our Experience at the Alexan. We continue to have Social Mixers, Casino Night Mixers, and Special Holiday Mixers that to name a few. Finally, our staff Always strive to go above and beyond to accommodate the Residents. Great! Place to live! Charles Garmond"
"I love this community. Hands down the best place I ever lived in. The location is amazing, surrounded by so many dining and entertainment places the options are endless. The emend ties are wonderful and the finishes in the apartment itself are beautiful."
"The road/highway noise is loud even with the double-pane windows. We need to have better sounds reduction (like additional plexiglass on top of the windows). It’s very hard to sleep at night."
"Great place to stay! Noise level is at a minimum. The cars with the noisy motor makes the level of noise loud other than that it is great."
"My experience in the last two weeks has been amazing. Everyone is so kind and helpful and the entire complex feels elegant and homey. Definitely a place to look into"
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