Your Happy Place in Houston

Your Happy Place in Houston

Days filled with multiple meetings and deadlines can leave you breathless. Make sure you have a home that helps you relax, recharge, and reassess in the right proportion for fantastic work/life balance. Find your happy place at Alexan CityCentre. Create your cradle of joy inside an apartment that is beautiful and stress-free. Sure, everyone is busy, but you can enjoy ample luxury apartment features that help you focus on your downtime in a relaxing environment. After all, there is more to luxury than beauty. Discover how your suite of helpful features makes your life easier and bridges the gap between what you want and how soon you can have it. Life solutions and convenience are what true luxury really means. Community amenities add life to your off-hours with features that make socializing easy again. Meet your neighbors and share an energizing weekend. Remember to treat yourself to some fun.

Happy Place

Unplugging at the end of your workday in our modern world is a challenge. Drop your work tech, and pick up your home tech. Upgrade your mood and get your beats on the Sonos Technology Package. Listen to your music where you like. Remember when you spent time reading a manual to learn your new device. Now your devices learn you, starting with your Nest thermostat. Come home to comfort every day no matter whether outside temperatures are rising or falling. Your thermostat adds an energy-efficiency edge to your new home. Not all the new luxury in your home is digital. Some luxuries deserve to remain exclusively analog. Start with your custom gourmet kitchen that features granite, quartz or marble countertops. Add the convenience of stainless steel appliances and you have a very luxurious creative space. A gas range is a nice touch that brings all of the heat you need.

Find your happy place at Alexan CityCentre and start doing more with your downtime. Restore your work/life balance when you relax and recharge in luxury.

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